Travel through Andalusia, 8 landscapes in medium jars




If you love honey or want to make a unique gift, take a jar of each variety of our ecological raw honeys and organic pollen.

You can travel through Andalusia through the flavors of its honey.

Honey is a magical product made by bees from thousands of drops of flower nectar. That is why in VerdeMiel our production is totally handmade and natural. Our apiaries are placed in beautiful wild and ecological landscapes of Andalusia. We extract the honey from the combs that have carefully filled our bees. Once settled, the impurities are eliminated and only if necessary, we temper the honey not exceeding 30º so that our honey does not lose any of its properties and flavor. After a thick filtering, that does not eliminate the particles of pollen and propolis of your honey, we pack it and label it manually so that you can enjoy it with the ones you love the most.

Learn to taste and enjoy the different flavors, aromas and textures of each delicious raw organic honey. Play to combine and pair with other foods,

Each honey is unique as each landscape is unrepeatable.

Orange blossom, Flowers and eucalyptus, Mountain, Wild flowers, Wild lavender, Spring, Meadow and bee pollen

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