Meet VerdeMiel

Meet VerdeMiel

In VerdeMiel we are passionate about honey, so we work to offer you pure honey only, without mixing or pasteurizing, with a thick filtrate so as not to lose the properties and benefits of an ecological honey produced by native bees.

Our honey is made from the nectar of flowers, sap and pollen from different plants of natural areas of Andalusia. Only with a local and sustainable beekeeping can we preserve our ecosystem and guarantee a honey with an intense and natural flavor.

Our origin

VerdeMiel produces organic honey and other products from beekeeping. We have been working in beekeeping since the 90s, we have always had the wisdom and experience of our family (farmers of three generations). We have grown up in a rural environment and our parents taught us to observe and care for our environment.

Image of beekeepers
Image of apiaries

Our apiaries

Our apiaries are located in completely natural enclaves of Andalusia. The greatest floral diversity in Europe is used by our bees.

Our honey is unique as each landscape is unrepeatable

  • Beekeeping warehouse and extraction room in Berrocal (Huelva)
  • Conditioning, packaging and distribution plant in Priego de Córdoba (Córdoba)
  • Location of our hives
Map with the location of the apiaries
Image of a honeycomb

Our bees

We work with an Iberian black bee (Apis mellifera iberiensis), an endemic bee, as described by "brother Adam", it is mainly a jet bee, in which the darkness is accentuated by the low tomento and low pilosity. The queens are dark and of uniform color, their movements are fast and quite nervous; they are prolific and of great fecundity, controlled by environmental conditions.

Our honey

Image of honey pots

Why raw?

Our honey is not subjected to heat treatments or filtration, during the extraction and conditioning process, which allows to maintain all the richness and added value of the particles that may accompany honey (pollen and propolis).


Why ecological?

VerdeMiel honey complies strictly with the requirements of the European regulation of organic agriculture. We are accredited by the CAAE, (Andalusian Committee of Ecological Agriculture). Our bees are not fed with sugar, the treatment that beehives receive is done with existing substances in nature and all our apiaries are in natural areas and free of contamination, in most cases these spaces are protected and are a great biodiversity.

Ecological certificate

Why Andalucía?


Our apiaries are located in completely natural enclaves of Andalucía.

The greatest floral diversity in Europe is used by our bees to make our honey.

Innovation and tradition

We are aware that we belong to a traditional world and that honey has been commercialized for about 9000 years in the Mediterranean culture. However, we know that, through the innovation of the beehive to the table, the small details will make our honeys more exquisite, purer and, therefore, our work will not only be a product to consume, but a culture to live.

Beekeeping is a way of life for us that leads us to continuous research, from monitoring flowering, organic production, researching new methods, mixing traditional knowledge with new lines of research in the field of beekeeping and feeding.

Innovation and tradition
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