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    Fresh pollen is a raw, live and very complete food. Dry pollen loses a large part of its micronutrients, which is why we collect it from the hive, pack it in a protected atmosphere and freeze it every day. Regular consumption of fresh pollen helps many of the organic functions as it contains all the essential elements for life in a very comprehensive way.

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    If you love honey or want to make a unique gift, take a jar of each variety of our ecological raw honeys and organic pollen. You can travel through Andalusia through the flavors of its honey.

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    Choose 6 of our organic raw honeys. All without heat treatment to preserve all the benefits of honey and its natural flavor.


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    Honey stick, Honey dipper or honey spoon in English, cuillère á miel in French, Honiglöffel in German ...No need to be an expert honey taster to give a unique touch to your table, this original and elegant wooden spoon will attract the attention of your snacks, desserts ...Take a photo and send it to Instagram;)

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    Organic bee Polen collected in Sierra Morena, in small pellets, as the bees have collected it.



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    Consume organic bee pollen daily and end the week with more energy than ever, also ... This is great!!

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    Choose your 3 favorite varieties of organic raw honey VerdeMiel and do not miss out on it with the large jar. Try them with cheese, with fruit, with infusions, in the salad, for sauces ... It is always delicious


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  • 3,60€ 4,00€ -10%
    3,60€ 4,00€ -10%
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