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    Fresh pollen is a raw, live and very complete food. Dry pollen loses a large part of its micronutrients, which is why we collect it from the hive, pack it in a protected atmosphere and freeze it every day. Regular consumption of fresh pollen helps many of the organic functions as it contains all the essential elements for life in a very comprehensive way.

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    Our propolis is produced in Andalusia. We do not work with propolis imported from third countries. The national production of propolis is very scarce. Compared to other imported propolis, our propolis is obtained from native vegetation, supporting local and ecological beekeeping.

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    Royal jelly, a product that comes directly from the hive, is used in natural medicine to stimulate the body, increase energy levels and vitality, royal jelly offers great potential when consumed fresh.

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    Organic bee Polen collected in Sierra Morena, in small pellets, as the bees have collected it.



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    Take the three great products of the hive with you and start taking care of yourself and finding yourself better.

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    Ecological wax produced by native bees in Andalusia, without mixing or refining to preserve all its aroma and natural properties.

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