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6 Kg of Raw Honey of Flowers of Sierra Morena LocalMiel




100% raw honey and only honey, without additives

Coming from Sierra Morena (Huelva), in this honey the bees have taken advantage of the blooms of thyme, rosemary, heather, vibra and myrtle.

This unique honey has been produced in certified ecological landscapes and completely free of pesticides and fungicides. It is a honey that is not certified and produced on a small scale.

Each honey is unique as each landscape is unrepeatable

Consume responsible: consume local honey

Produced by native bees and collected by Marcos in their hives, favoring the conservation of our landscapes and the development of our rural culture.

This honey comes from a single beekeeper and harvest, it is not a mixture of honeys. With its aroma, flavor, color and texture it describes the natural landscape from which it comes.

Our production methods preserve the pollen, vitamins, minerals, and enzymes naturally found in honey.

Help us conserve bees. Help us conserve sustainable beekeeping and bet on rural life

Andalusia local natural Local Honey Honey traditional beekeeping Sierra Morena wild flowers Wild flowers of Sierra Morena Local Honey Andalusia Spain

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