Fresh Organic Royal Jelly


Royal jelly, a product that comes directly from the hive, is used in natural medicine to stimulate the body, increase energy levels and vitality, royal jelly offers great potential when consumed fresh.

Royal jelly is produced by young nurse bees to feed the queen bee throughout her life. She is responsible for its large size, its fertility and its longevity. In the first days old, bee larvae also feed on royal jelly.

For us humans, it is a perfect nutritional supplement to accompany a healthy diet in times of special wear and tear and fatigue, as long as we consume it in the right doses. It's a superfood composed of lipids, carbohydrates, water, proteins, vitamins and trace elements.

Modes of conservation

Store in the refrigerator between 3º and 5º

Ingredients: Fresh Organic Royal Jelly

How to use: 1-3g daily before breakfast

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